What is blood flow restriction therapy? | Podcast

Actual physical treatment is a crucial part of recovering from lots of surgeries and accidents. And in these types of situations, physical therapy generally includes some kind of resistance teaching to aid develop back the toughness and performance of afflicted muscle tissues. But in some cases, an damage or operation can make standard resistance coaching tricky or distressing. This is the place approaches like blood stream restriction (BFR) treatment can aid.

Actual physical therapist Scott Gorham offered a comprehensive introduction to BFR on this episode of the For Health’s Sake podcast. He touched on its record, from being a many years-old bodybuilding software to its extra the latest use in serving to veterans, as effectively as its present placement in bodily treatment applications. The rest of our conversation included:

  • How blood stream restriction treatment functions
  • Positive aspects of blood circulation restriction therapy
  • Disorders that blood circulation restriction can assist
  • Combining blood movement restriction with other therapies

Obtain out if blood stream restriction remedy is correct for you

BFR treatment can be a extremely powerful way to enhance power and speed up recovery. And although the phrase “blood circulation restriction” could seem rigorous, Scott emphasised that it’s very little to be frightened of. As he set it, “There has been a good deal of investigation finished that shows that, if it’s administered the right way with the right equipment and with the correct particular person, blood move restriction is quite harmless.”