Springtime Pet Care Tips From TikTok Vet Dr. Lindsay Butzer

Springtime Pet Care Tips From TikTok Vet Dr. Lindsay Butzer

Springtime Pet Care Tips From TikTok Vet Dr. Lindsay Butzer

woman hugging dog springtime pet care tips

woman hugging dog springtime pet care tips

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Spring has sprung! And dog owners should prepare to face new challenges, such as allergies and bugs, while adventuring outdoors with their furry friends as the weather warms up. Dr. Lindsay Butzer, a social media-loved veterinarian, is sharing her springtime pet care tips to help prepare your fur babies for the season change.

Meet TikTok vet Dr. Lindsay Butzer

Dr. Lindsay Butzer, DVM, is an energetic, young veterinarian and budding social media star. After completing veterinary school in St. Kitts, she went to work for her father’s small animal general practice at Clint Moore Animal Hospital. Dr. Lindsay is well-known for her social media veterinary platforms on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. She has quickly amassed a loyal following, with her videos garnering over 1 million views.

Dr. Butzer offered to share some of her springtime pet care tips with DogTime readers. Enjoy her free expertise!

Prevent dog allergies

Pet allergies in the spring are primarily due to the hot environment mixed with our pet’s fur coats, causing a perfect environment for bacteria and yeast to set up shop. Certain breeds, such as Bulldogs, Boxers, and Frenchies, are also more prone to skin allergies. Prevention is key and includes baths with doggie shampoo once a week during allergy-prone months. These baths will help keep debris off your pet’s skin that can cause irritation and worsen allergies. Also, allergy shots, pills, antibiotics, and antifungals are available to help your pets cope with spring.

Keep pests away

Bugs in the spring become worse due to the warmer climate. Just like us, bugs are more mobile when the weather improves. In springtime, pets start coming into the vet for itchy skin and hotspots, which may not be due to just allergies but also due to fleas. One flea bite can cause a whole-body flea allergic dermatitis, which is very itchy and uncomfortable for your pets. Be proactive about your pet’s flea and tick prevention medication to save you money from a visit to the vet!

Take precautions outdoors

Hikes and runs with your pets are a blast. However, keep your pet’s fur coat in mind to avoid a heat stroke emergency. Plan your hike around your pet’s athletic ability. Choose 1 to 2-mile routes that you know are cool enough for them. You can pack items such as water and a collapsible water bowl to keep them cool and hydrated, an umbrella for shade, and rubbing alcohol to pour on you pup’s paw pads to cool them down. Breeds more prone to heat stroke are squished-faced breeds such as Bulldogs, Shih Tzus, Pugs, and Pekingese.

Enjoy spring with your dog

As the weather warms, it is crucial to consider potential health and safety challenges for your fur baby. By keeping in my the above pet care tips, dog owners can prepare their furry friends for a happy and healthy season. Remember to take preventative measures for allergies and bugs, and plan outdoor adventures with your pet’s athletic ability in mind. By taking these steps, you can ensure your pup stays comfortable during the spring season.

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