Six Types of Underwear Every Man Must Know About

Some things are so important in life, yet they are rarely discussed. Your underwear is one such subject. A majority of men wear underwear daily, yet not many men converse much on the subject.

After all, it is understood that your underwear is a very personal subject, and talking about it to someone can be a bit uncomfortable. And, of course, every man can agree that they do not put a lot of thought into buying well-suited innerwear.

The things that remain on top are comfort and fitness. You may not know it, but all these factors are defined by the type of underwear you choose for yourself. Once you figure out the right style for yourself, you will never go back to reconsider your choices for innerwear.

Knowing all your choices can help you make the right decisions. So, here are the types of underwear every man must know about.


If you are looking for a classic option for daily wear, boxer or boxer shorts are ideal. They can offer full coverage of your pelvic area without compromising your comfort. You can use boxers for formal and casual days, but there may be some restrictions.

If you live an active lifestyle, boxers may not be your ideal choice in every situation. They can crawl up on your legs or shimmy down, sometimes distracting your focus. Of course, they are also not the best option for support either.

Therefore, it’s better to choose a boxer as underwear for men only as loungewear or when engaged in a sedentary activity.


If you prioritize support over leg coverage, briefs can be your daily innerwear. They offer great support with a promise of stretch and flexibility. Therefore, people with an active lifestyle can also rely on briefs for a comfortable and snug look.

However, unlike boxers, briefs do not offer a lot of color and print options. They are usually made in plain colors. Hence, it can be hard to find the right match for yourself if you cannot compromise the style of your innerwear.

In addition, bigger men can also have issues with briefs because of their flexibility and leg-of-leg coverages. It is better to try out this style before buying a big pack. Otherwise, you will have a drawer filled with useless underwear.


Some men can get confused between choosing briefs and boxers. It is not uncommon for either to fit your needs. You may like some features of boxers and dislike others. It’s a similar case with briefs as well. In such situations, there is only one thing you can do.

You can look for trunks to be your perfect innerwear. They have comfort and thigh coverage focused on comfort. Trunks are also best for you if you prefer more breathable fabric, especially during summer and humidity.


People with highly athletic lifestyles can have a hard time choosing the right underwear. It may seem nearly impossible to find something with protection, snugness, and flexibility altogether. Before you lose hope, you may want to know about a jockstrap.

Jockstraps are underwear specially designed for athletic men. While the back is completely exposed, they are focused on protecting the genital area. You can also find a pocket with a cup in a jockstrap to give you an extra sense of comfort.

Of course, it can be uncomfortable for some people to wear underwear with no rear coverage. If that makes you uneasy, you can pair a jockstrap with boxer briefs to have protection and coverage side by side. This way, you will not feel uncomfortable in your jockstrap.

5.Johns/ Long Underwear

If you are tall or big, boxers and briefs may not just work for you. Lack of coverage and flexibility can make you uncomfortable quickly. Therefore, it’s essential to find an option that will give you comfort and coverage.

Long underwear is ideal for bigger men, especially in colder climates. You can use insulated long underwear to keep your legs warm and stay comfortable wherever you go. They can be used inside and outside your home.


Every man is not looking for full coverage. Some just want their underwear to be breathable and allow maximum airflow. If you are also looking for something similar, you must know about G-strings. They do not offer the best coverage, but they can bring airflow to your needs.

G-strings are the best choice for men who are comfortable in their skin and live in humid climates. However, you may have to be extra careful with your pants. If your pants do not fit properly, you may be at risk of unintentionally exposing yourself.