Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad with Peanuts and Papaya

A super delicious way to dish up Brussel sprouts is raw in a shaved brussel sprout salad, such as this flavorful, light Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad with Peanuts and Papaya. In this recipe, you’ll find a combo of shaved Brussels sprouts with fabulous Thai-inspired flavors, including red chili peppers, cilantro, coconut, peanuts, and papaya, all tossed into a memorable vegan, gluten-free salad for the ages. It’s healthy, delicious, and you can whip it up so quickly!

How many carbs in brussel sprouts?

You’ll be happy to hear that brussel sprouts are very low—8 grams for a full cup! Packed with fiber and micronutrients, brussel sprouts are especially healthful because they are in the cruciferous family, and these vegetables have potent compounds linked with cancer protection. I have these lovelies growing in my garden right now, along with a papaya tree that provided the papaya fruit you see pictured here. Yes, papayas can grow quite well in Southern California. In fact, several additional ingredients, such as red chili peppers, cilantro, green onions, and lemons came from my garden for this recipe. You can find all of these ingredients at your farmers market or local grocer quite easily, too.

How to cut brussel sprouts for this salad

You can shave Brussel sprouts yourself by finely slicing them with a sharp knife, or use your food processor to do the job. You can even find Brussels sprouts pre-shaved in some supermarkets. Just whip up the peanut vinaigrette and toss it into the brussel sprouts mixture. This salad holds up well in the fridge for several days, too. Mix it up for meal prep, picnics, potlucks, parties, or weekday dinners.



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This super easy Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad with Peanuts and Papaya is the perfect crunchy, flavorful, healthy, vegan, gluten-free salad for your party, picnic, potluck, or weeknight dinner.

Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad:

Peanut Vinaigrette:


  1. To make salad: Wash Brussel sprouts, trim ends, and slice thinly vertically to shave, or shave them in a food processor. (You can find pre-shaved Brussel sprouts in some markets, too.)
  2. Place shaved Brussel sprouts, cilantro, green onions, coconut, and papaya in a large salad bowl.
  3. To make peanut vinaigrette: In a small bowl, mix together oil, lemon juice, peanut butter, red chili pepper flakes, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and agave nectar (optional) until smooth.
  4. Toss dressing into the salad and combine well. Adjust seasonings as needed with a pinch of sea salt (optional). May add more red chili flakes, according to your own taste preference.
  5. To garnish: Sprinkle with peanuts and coconut.
  6. Serve immediately or refrigerator in airtight container for up to 5 days. Makes 8 servings.

  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Category: Salad
  • Cuisine: American, Thai


  • Serving Size: 1 serving
  • Calories: 149
  • Sugar: 10 g
  • Sodium: 146 mg
  • Fat: 8 g
  • Saturated Fat: 3 g
  • Carbohydrates: 20 g
  • Fiber: 4 g
  • Protein: 4 g

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