Sam Tejada’s Vida Journey with Jac Vitale and Liquivida

Maximizing Health and Wellness: Sam Tejada’s Vida Journey with Jac Vitale and Liquivida

When Sam Tejada, President and Founder of Liquivida, realized the toll his busy entrepreneurial life had taken on his health, he recognized the importance of prioritizing his own well-being in order to effectively represent his growing health and wellness franchise. Leading by example, Sam embarked on “The Vida Journey,” a transformative quest to regain control of his life and revitalize himself. Teaming up with the wellness experts at Liquivida, Sam discovered that achieving comprehensive health and wellness goes beyond conventional methods and even extends beyond the boundaries of his own company. 

The Vida Journey commences with education, where individuals gain an understanding of their own bodies, identify their unique needs, and make informed decisions to address those needs. Through Liquivida’s array of diagnostic tools, including bloodwork and body composition analysis, coupled with a team of licensed medical professionals, clients can embark on their quest to seek appropriate treatments tailored to their individual health and wellness requirements. 

For Tejada, this also meant seeking the expertise of other professionals in the wellness and fitness domain. He realized that true overall wellness involves a combination of various programs and services. 

Sam Tejada’s Vida Journey with Jac Vitale and Liquivida

“Health and wellness is not just about one thing. It’s not just eating healthy and exercising. It’s not just about coming to Liquivida to get IVs, Peptides and B12 shots. Achieving true overall wellness is a culmination of programs and services to optimize your health and wellness. One of the programs that worked well for me is Jac Vitale, with its focus on exercise, manual therapy and nutrition. These are things we don’t do at Liquivida.” Sam Tejada 

Jac Vitale, renowned for her expertise in fitness, nutrition, and manual therapy, introduced her unique 6 Pillars of Wellness Concept to complement Sam’s Vida Journey. Her comprehensive approach emphasizes providing clients with a balanced, step-by-step strategy to enhance their overall well-being. The cornerstone of Jac’s approach lies in the 6 Pillars of Wellness Concept, guiding individuals to redirect their focus from the pressure of overarching goals to unlocking their maximum potential. Her own experience with anorexia fuels her passion for helping others develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise, emphasizing sustainability and enjoyment. 

“The health industry is saturated with unrealistic fads that lead people to undertake unnecessary measures to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. I aim to help people understand that personal goals and reaching one’s maximum potential can be accomplished without extreme and unenjoyable measures. Life should be an enjoyable process of continuous growth and improvement,” says Jac Vitale. 

Recognizing the potential benefits for both his personal health and fitness and the overall wellness goals of Liquivida and Jac Vitale’s clientele, Tejada saw an opportunity for a partnership that bridges the gap between functional medicine and fitness. This collaboration enhances the impact of the services provided by each entity and offers a broader range of options to optimize clients’ health and well-being. 

The content of this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or any kind of patient-provider relationship.