RIGOR OR REST? — Boulder Nutrition

I write to you with a heavy heart this morning, after hearing of yet another mass shooting in Oklahoma.  

With the state of the world in utter chaos, as well as navigating our own personal ups and downs, it can all feel like too much to bear.

How we tend to ourselves is more important than ever. 

That said, there are times within the cycles of our lives for rigor and there are times for rest.

We may feel the energy, the fire, and the commitment to make necessary changes in our own lives to be of service, knowing there is much work to be done in this world.

Conversely, we may need deep rest, time to restore, and to soften into the safe place within us.  Rest can allow us to have the space to feel, process, unwind, integrate, and to gather our energy.  

Q: Do you need more rigor or more rest?

These qualities can show up in how we move through our days, how and what we eat, the type of exercise we do, the style of yoga we practice, and what we say yes or no to.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum (between rigor and rest) is the perfect barometer by which to create aligned action –– the actions that match what you need most for your well-being.

Although the change of season into warmer days usually feels invigorating for me, I have been craving a time of deep rest. While rest used to be something that I most often resisted, I have learned just how therapeutic and healing rest can be.

I invite you to join me in asking your inner wisdom what you need most.

If you are feeling heartbroken, overwhelmed, and/or emotionally exhausted with so much tragedy swirling in our world, remember to simplify where you can. 

All love,