‘Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness shares his No. 1 tip for healthy hair

Jonathan Van Ness is adored by many for his infectious personality as a “grooming expert” on Netflix’s “Queer Eye.” And there is one thing that many can agree that he undoubtedly gets right: his hair.

As a hair stylist and founder of JVN Hair, there’s no surprise that Van Ness has some of the healthiest-looking tresses you’ll ever come across.

His view of hair-care as an act of self-care has a lot to do with his hair’s health. Van Ness was recently appointed as the Chief Self-Care Officer at Ness, a health and wellness fintech company.

Trying a new hair-care routine is “a confidence-building exercise, giving yourself the chance to try, to succeed [and] to fail,” Van Ness tells CNBC Make It.

When asked for his top hair-care tips, he emphasized that everyone’s hair is different. But it’s really important for everyone to maintain a healthy relationship with their hair through consistent maintenance.

“Really truly all of our hair is so unique. People’s hair is going to act a little different based on the hair color its been through, or not been through, the hardness or softness of their water, their diet, their age, the season, the humidity [and] what products they’re using,” Van Ness says.

“It’s a multitude of things that are going to give you your best hair.”

JVN’s No. 1 hair tip: Pre-poo your hair

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