Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Week 41

We share our family’s weekly Mediterranean diet meal plan simply for meal ideas and recipe inspiration for anyone else looking for suggestions. Please keep in mind that every family and person is different and this is just what works for us. 

How We Meal Plan

We go more in depth on how we go about planning meals in this post – Meal Planning Guide but just to quickly summarize – 

  • Breakfast is usually pretty standard in our house so I don’t include it on our meal plan list
  • My kids either bring a bagged lunch or buy hot lunch at school so I only meal plan for my lunch (and my husband if he is working from home that day)
  • I include notes on some days to indicate if the meal is something we have to make quickly, on the go, etc. This really helps when it comes to planning meals and buying food to know our schedule in advance. 
  • On Saturdays we typically eat leftovers and eat out for lunch or dinner. I indicate that on the meal plan each week but just in case you were wondering 

We’ve saved all our previous weekly meal plans in one convenient location – Weekly Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans. 

This Week’s Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

This week consisted of easy dinners that could be made in advance. We had a lot of weekday sports most evenings this week, so I concentrated on dinners that I could make earlier in the day and just reheat at dinnertime.

Recipe Links

Listed below are the links to any recipes we enjoyed this past week. A combination of our own recipes and recipes we enjoyed from other creators.

Mediterranean Diet Pasta Salad

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Last modified: April 24, 2023