McDonald’s’ surprising healthy options plus more nutritional fast food favourites

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Grabbing a quick work lunch or a post-night-out snack from a fast food chain is always the easiest option, and it could just be healthier than you think.

For those seeking nutritious options on the go, this list provides insights into healthier choices offered by leading food-on-the-move brands.


Contrary to popular belief, McDonald’s offers healthier alternatives to the classic Big Mac or double cheeseburger. Opting for the grilled chicken salad meal over burgers, fries, and sugary condiments is a wiser choice.

Choose water and a bag of carrots instead of a Coke and large fries, better for you in terms of calories, saturated fat, and salt. For a nutritious breakfast option, opt for the plain porridge.

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Joe & the Juice

The Danish chain Joe & the Juice offers healthy options, particularly the Eggcado breakfast sandwich and the Green vegan bowl. Despite being visually appealling, avoid the raw cakes as they may contain more saturated fat than expected.


The ‘create your own’ option at Subway allows for healthier choices. Try not to supersize your sandwiches to a foot long, and opt for wholegrain seeded bread. Creating your own six-inch sub packed with veggies will taste great and won’t leave you hungry again in an hour.

While fast food options may seem limited, making informed choices based on nutritional content can lead to healthier on-the-go meals. These recommendations provide a guide for those looking to balance convenience and nutrition in their busy lifestyles.