Madonna’s new health warning! Singer told to be on ‘standby’ after health scare | Entertainment News

Madonna is being urged to be on “standby” over her health.

The Queen of Pop, 64, is recovering at home in New York after she was left hospitalised with a “serious bacterial infection”, and veteran celebrity trainer

Ramona Braganza has now issued a warning to the singer to realise she is “getting old” – and warned those around celebrities often don’t urge them to take long breaks.

The 61-year-old fitness guru, who has trained A-listers including Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, told The US Sun: “I would advise Madonna based on test results to remain on standby.

“Madonna will need to be given the exact science behind the prognosis.

“Only then can she process the information and respond to it.

“Madonna is somebody who seems very much in control of her own destiny and life.

“Most of the people around a celebrity of that profile, magnitude, and stature are afraid to say things that they really feel.

“So the health of that person can become jeopardised because no one is telling them they need to take a big break.

“She has to respect what is going on and take the advice of professionals.

“Professionals will not sugar coat it, but there are other people after that who will dilute the truth by saying other things.

“Then the celebrity will get very confused and she might say she can go back on tour.”

Ramona added: “Madonna may also need to accept that she is getting old and that nothing is going to stop or reverse that.”

Her warnings come after Madonna’s long-time pal Rosie O’Donnell insisted the singer was “good”.

The ‘SMILF’ actress, 61, has been friends with Madonna for years since they starred together in 1992 film ‘A League of Their Own’ and gave an update on the singer’s condition on Tuesday (04.07.23.)

She replied to one of the fans who have been flooding her with questions about Madonna’s condition: “She is recovering at home – she is very strong in general.”

Rosie also replied: “She’s good” to a fan who wrote on the actress’ Instagram: “God bless her hope she’s ok, I don’t care about the tour.”

Rosie wrote online last week after news broke Madonna had been hospitalised:

“She’s feeling good #madonna #love.”

Rosie’s update comes after it was reported Madonna “ignored” symptoms of her “serious bacterial infection”.

She was discharged from intensive care at a New York hospital on 29 June, four days after the illness left her hospitalised and is recovering at her home in the city, and insiders have now said she tried to push herself “beyond the limit” before her illness as she rehearsed for her now-postponed ‘Celebration Tour’.