Legumes 101: Recipes, Nutrition, & More

10 Different Ways to Incorporate Legumes Into Your Cooking   

1. Hummus

Whether it is the traditional kind using chickpeas or try making it with edamame. Hummus is a great snack with veggies, crackers, or hummus. It also goes well in wraps or as a protein addition to a grilled vegetable sandwich. Try this Creamy Hummus Recipe.

2. Chickpea curry

Lots of curry dishes add or use legumes as the protein source. Pairing it with different vegetables and a creamy curry sauce served on a bed of rice makes for a well-balanced and delicious meal. Try this Indian Butter Chicken with Chickpeas.

3. Black bean burgers

These burgers can be made all year round as they cook best on a griddle or fry pan. You can add different seasonings to them to spice them up! My favourite is cumin and chili powder and serve with chipotle aioli. This easy Chickpea Burger Recipe is great, same with this Lentil Burger Recipe.

4. Lentil Meatloaf

Full of flavour and different textures this meal will definitely steal the show. It pairs well with roasted potatoes and a fresh garden salad. This Red Curry Crockpot Lentil Recipe is great too!

5. Three-bean chili

Like a chili con carne recipe, this meal has all the same flavours but using a trio of different beans (kidney beans, pinto beans, and black beans for example) adds different layers of nutrients and taste.  Try this Chili Con Carne Recipe.

Other subtle ways to add legumes to your meals: 

6. Try adding brown lentils to your Bolognese sauce to serve over pasta or make it into a lasagna.  

7. Incorporate black beans into your taco meat, not only does it add nutrients it makes it go further as well.  

8.  Add white kidney beans to a butternut squash mac and cheese. It boosts nutrition and can be creamed into the sauce without detection.  

9. Instead of adding meat try adding Edamame beans to fried rice.  

10. Add all kinds of beans or lentils to soups. If using the canned version, dump them into the soup as it is finished just to warm up.