Is Propel Water Keto Friendly?

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Propel Water is a famous sports drink by Gatorade. And people are curious, is Propel Water keto friendly? Continue reading to find out!

Is Propel Water Keto Friendly?
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What Is Propel Water?

Propel Water is a flavored bottled water brand manufactured by Gatorade. It is a sports drink that provides healthy electrolytes and antioxidants.

Furthermore, Propel Water comes in different flavors such as lemon, berry, peach and orange. And it also comes in dry powder mixes.

Nutritional Information For Propel Water

Before we answer the question, “is Propel Water keto friendly?”, let’s check its nutritional information first.

One 500 mL bottle of Propel Berry Flavored Water contains no calories, fat and carbs. Although, it contains 230mg of sodium, 60mg of potassium and 24mg of vitamin C.

Is Propel Water Keto Friendly?

Yes and no. Propel water is considered as “dirty keto” because while it has zero carbs, it contains unhealthy and non-keto ingredients. Some of these ingredients are Sucralose and Acesulfame potassium.

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Keto Alternatives For Propel Water

Vitamin Water Zero Sugar

Vitamin Water’s Zero Sugar drinks are perfect alternative to Propel Water. It comes in different fruity flavors and includes keto friendly ingredients such as stevia leaf extract.


BODYARMOR’s Sport Water is another keto-friendly alternative to Propel Water. It is carb-free and is free from non-keto artificial sweeteners unlike Propel Water.


Aquahydrate’s electrolyte water has no carbs, no fats, and no unhealthy ingredients which makes it another good alternative to Propel Water.