Introducing The Simply Real Life Podcast!

OMG, OMG………….. It’s HERE!!!! The secret I’ve been working on for months (and months), that I can finally share & shout from the rooftops:

(officially here on Apple,  Spotify, Amazon Music/Podcasts and YouTube.)

I explain it all in the first few episodes (why I’m finally doing a podcast after years of telling myself it’s something I would never do, my hope and intention behind it, the format of it, what to expect, and all the personal fears and resistance I had to face in order to bring this baby out into the world).

It’s time for some REAL TALK about the pursuit of a healthy life, along with REAL FOOD, ya know?

I’m so ready to go deeper. To answer so many of your questions. And to get to share more personal stories, lessons and real-life stuff. In real-time.

What is the podcast about? And who is it for? 

This podcast is for anyone who wants real talk about how to live a more intuitive and intentional life. A life that’s healthy from the inside out. And one that feels more effortless. Aligned. Simple. And more ALIVE. 

I created it to help you value yourself & your health– and to simplify, amplify and elevate your daily life.

In the episodes ahead, we’re going to cover it all: Wellness and health. Food. Mindset. Beauty. Motherhood. Relationships. Daily habits and rituals. Entrepreneurship. Creativity and growth. And tiny, everyday tricks that will get you feeling your best (plus, the energetics behind all of it). 

What to expect? Personal stories, unfiltered conversations, and answers to all of your burning questions. We’re keeping it real, we’re keeping it simple, and we’re sharing the deepest and best parts of life. It’s a podcast built for those of us who crave it all in life. 

  • For those who want to feel energized, alive and nourished by their lives. 
  • For those who want to live with intentionality, simplicity, and health on all levels. 
  • For those who love growing and learning in every part of life.
  • For those who want to feel grounded in their bodies and minds. 
  • For those who want to tune into wisdom instead of the constant noise and chaos in the world.

For those of you who want a healthy and nourished body and mind, a revitalized heart and soul, work that feels meaningful, healthy relationships, healthy energetics & outlook on life, and deeper spiritual connection overall in your life. 

I think you’re gonna love it. And I can’t wait to create it together, as a community. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, questions, and suggestions! 

Be sure to come take a listen this week, and *follow* the show wherever you listen to podcasts. Or share it with a friend— that would mean the whole world to me! 🙂



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photography by Carina Skrobecki