How To Lose Nearly 100lbs

So excited to share with you Jason’s amazing transformation where he shows us how to lose nearly 100lbs and keep it off.  There is so much that goes into fat loss, much more than just working out and proper nutrition.  He had to make an entire lifestyle change.  This means that most every choice he made every single day was about becoming his best self.  Its amazing to see 1st hand what losing this weight has done for Jason but this is only the beginning.

Lose 100 Pounds


He went with us to a Rockbody Retreat that we hosted and did his first ever photo shoot.  Some of the pictures below are from that shot.  It had been a very difficult year for him so for him to finish this part of his journey strong was very inspiring.

I am so proud of your hard work and love you brother.

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His Results- Dropped 96 lbs, 17.5″ off his stomach and 35.41%

Day 1 (His Heaviest)

Weight 258 lbs, Stomach 50″, Body Fat% 45.24

Final Day

Weight 162lbs (lightest since high school), 32 1/2″ Stomach, 9.83% bodyfat

Fat To Fit


Jasons Story

This was more than just weight loss or fitness, Micah changed my entire World

My fitness journey with Micah began in July of 2019 and I weighed in at nealy 260lbs lbs.

Very unhappy with how far I had fallen from my college years.  I travel to NYC most weeks from KC so I was constantly grabbing food on the go in airports and making bad decisions around nutrition. 70-90 hour work weeks and some 100 hour weeks many months upon end makes bad decision making around food choices much easier.

Fat To Fitness Model Body


I also watched my dad have triple by-pass heart surgery so that accompanied by seeing Rob Elsey’s story and transformation was my turning point.  I started thinking about my dad’s side of the family with most of the men having heart attacks in their mid 50’s and it was “crystal clear” to me that I was going to end up on the wrong side of my history if I continued to make my current life choices.  Bad nutrition and alcohol were not going to render me a better version of myself and through many nights of self-talk… realized this come down to a game of ME vs ME and I don’t like to lose😊

Hitch Fit Transformation


Covid through a wrench in our plan as I was away from Micah for 2020-2021 but back with him the beginning of 2022 and when I weighed in at the Rock Body retreat… I was 163.4 lbs. and 6.3% body fat which is 96 lbs. lost in 2 full years training. It crazy to think this will be the worst I will look now for the rest of my life. Every 6 months will render the next chapter of change both physically and mentally until I reach my goals.

This journey with HitchFit has meant so much to me and we are just getting started. I have a 3-year plan to go back up the scale and to find a better version of myself internally through a better understanding of my (4) Building Blocks- foundation, faith, fitness, and finances.

Fitness Model


I have also been blessed with new friends through this HitchFit family. I have never had a shortage of friends but surrounding yourself with like minded people with similar purposes/vision in life is something you can never have enough of.


Program Choice: Weight Loss Plus

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