Hollyoaks airs more devastating health news for Warren

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has revealed more devastating health news for Warren Fox, just weeks after undergoing a life-saving liver transplant.

In tonight’s first-look episode (February 17) Warren became increasingly unwell as he and Norma Crow continued with their plan to take full custody of twins Sophie and Sebastian from Sienna.

Hoping to bond with the children, Norma accompanied Warren to the park – but a case of mistaken identity meant that the trip was a failure.

At the playground, Norma struggled to bond with the children, who were seemingly ignoring her. She also continued to worry about Warren’s pale appearance and questioned her son on whether he was feeling well.

“I told you I’m fine,” he responded, preoccupied with the children.

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Things only got worse for Norma after she mistook Sophie for another girl, leading to her losing the child while Warren popped to the shop. Luckily Ethan was able to track Sophie down, but not before Sienna warned Norma to stay away from her kids.

The afternoon didn’t seem to have been a complete failure for the pair, though, as Warren revealed that Sophie told him that Sienna and Grace have been plotting behind their backs over the future of The Loft. With Norma swiftly using the information to come up with a new plan on how to secure custody of the twins.

However, Warren’s health suddenly took a turn for the worse, with the garage owner collapsing in pain.

Hollyoaks airs more devastating health news for Warren

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At the hospital, Warren revealed to Norma that the pain was coming from the area of his surgery. The pair questioned nurse Peri Lomax on the matter, who delivered devastating news to Warren about his post-surgery recovery.

“Your post-op meds may be failing,” she said. “I’m afraid you may be rejecting your mother’s liver.”

What does this mean for Warren’s future?

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