Health coach offers strategies to keep wellness top of mind during football game watch parties

DETROIT – With Detroit Lions fans on a high, some health coaches want to make sure people are staying on track with their fitness goals.

Attending playoff games, watch parties, or even tuning into the game at home can be fun. However, it’s likely people are surrounded by food on game days.

“You can be working on your health, and you can still be an avid Lions fan,” said Kelsey Brancoforte, a Health Coach with Teladoc Health.

Celebrating with food around sporting events can be tempting. It’s especially stressful for those who are still working on their New Year’s resolutions.

Brancoforte said there are some things you can do to keep your health and wellness goals on track.

“One great way to help support your health goals during this time, is to just modify some of your favorite foods,” Brancoforte explained.

For example, if you are working on reducing total calories from fat, consider air frying or baking your buffalo wings.

There are also recommendations on strategies to consider if you’re looking at reducing carbohydrate intake.

“A great option might be to swap out some celery and some carrot sticks for traditional chips with your guacamole or your Pico de Gallo,” Brancoforte said.

Staying disciplined leading up to Sunday’s NCF Championship game and the Super Bowl will be key, according to the health coach. Especially knowing Valentine’s Day and Fat Tuesday are just weeks away.

People could also consider eating a meal at home, before going to an event. That could reduce the urge to overeat.

For those Detroit Lions fans who may be focused on managing health and wellness goals, Brancoforte said it’s important to remember your ‘why’ – or the reason you set those goals.

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