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With so much to explore and unlock across the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy, it makes sense to come equipped with an arsenal of handy tips and tricks to ensure you get off on the right foot with your fellow housemates. So, whether it’s solutions for managing your inventory, tips for causing havoc on the battlefield, or even unlocking cosmetic transmogs, our comprehensive tips and tricks below will have you prepped for everything Hogwarts Legacy will toss your way.

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Essential Tips and Tricks for Hogwarts Legacy

  • As hard as it may be to resist the urge to explore early in the story, the game, unfortunately, prevents you from leaving the quest area, as any exploration outside these bounds will result in your death.
  • Don’t lose valuable resources. Unfortunately, loot isn’t automatically collected, so remember to pick up any resources enemies may drop.

  • If you need to level up quickly to wear gear or complete a particular quest, start searching for Field Guide Pages. It’s a fast and easy way to level up quickly.
  • Gear stats increase as your character level increases, so frequently check your worn gear to ensure you’re wearing the best gear possible.
  • Seek out Eye Chests to earn some quick money, as these mysterious chests will reward you with a whooping 500 Galleons each.

  • Inventory management will play a significant part in your Hogwarts Legacy experience, as right from the start, you’re provided with just 20 gear slots. While it may seem like a lot, you’ll soon learn that loot chests are everywhere, and with gear stats increasing as you level up and progress through the game, you’ll constantly be destroying and selling off gear pieces. To tackle this issue, you’ll want to unlock additional inventory slots by completing Merlin Trials, which are unlocked after completing a mandatory main quest.
  • Once the Merlin Trials quest is completed, these unique puzzles will appear on the map, each providing a unique twist to complete them, whether with a new spell or by using the environment to your advantage. Each completed trial will count towards the “Complete Merlin Trials” Challenge under the Exploration menu. Every milestone completed will reward you with four additional inventory slots – complete all challenges, and you’ll have a total of 40 gear slots available.

Unfortunately, Merlin Trials are locked behind a mandatory main quest that is at least a fair few hours into the game if you’re mainlining the story, so keep that in mind.

  • Running out of inventory space? Instead of destroying gear, be sure to frequently visit vendors and offload any unwanted items to earn Galleons. We highly recommend stocking up on Galleons early, as potions and resources can quickly become quite costly.
  • There’s fall damage, so be extra cautious when traversing steep areas.

  • Many of the rewards you receive for completing Quests and Challenges aren’t actually gear but instead just appearances. The reason for this being is that Hogwarts Legacy has a transmog system right from the start, but it’s kind of hidden within the Gear Menu. So, to enable transmogs, you must have a piece of gear for that slot equipped, like gloves; then, on the main gear screen, hover over the item slot, and you’ll now find an option to Change Appearance. Using the transmog system will allow you to maintain your preferred appearance without losing out on vital gear stats that will carry you through combat encounters.

Do note, though, changing out the item will default the look to its original form, so if you want to keep a certain look for your character going, you’ll need to transform it every time you switch something out.

  • As you progress through the main story, your connection to Ancient Magic will allow you to unlock Talents, which are unique enhancements for your combat powers, core abilities, stealth, spells, and much more. Talents are unlocked with Talent Points, with one Talent Point being rewarded each time you increase your Wizarding Level, starting at level 5. Luckily, if you are over-leveled, you will be compensated Talent Points for each level over 5.

  • If you change the pitch of your voice in the character creator, you may find that it sounds a bit like a robot since a post-processing filter was applied. Thankfully, if this sound annoys you, we recommend keeping your voice at the default pitch. If you wish to change your character’s pitch after the initial setup, you can adjust it under the Audio Options when visiting the Settings menu.
  • Every character you create has their own save slots. If more than one person is playing on the same account, or if you want to make a character of a different house, you can keep those files separate.
  • Frequently check the Challenge menu for any completed Challenges, as it’s easy for rewards to go unclaimed. Without claiming your rewards, any gear transmogs or upgrades, such as inventory space, won’t automatically be available for you to access.


  • When available, complete all Professor Assignment Side Quests. These essential side quests will be crucial to unlocking new spells.
  • When tracking a main quest, its bright gold-colored waypoint will always take priority over your own personal waypoints on the mini-map – these are colored purple. These personal waypoints won’t be displayed until you have unselected the main quest.
  • With that said, when viewing the Quest Menu, you’ll be able to preview all available quests you can complete. These quest descriptions will provide all the requirements needed to complete the quest and the reward you receive. We highly recommend that you use this information to prioritize which quests you wish to complete first.

  • Use the “Locate on Map” button after picking a quest you want to do. While this won’t work for Assignments, most other things will be auto-scrolled to on your map, and then you just find the closest waypoint to fast travel to.
  • Once you’ve unlocked the Alohamora – the spell needed to picklocks – keep on the lookout for Disguise Moons – which are small monkey statues holding glowing moons. These statues can only be collected at night and are required to increase your lockpicking level.
  • Want to be mysterious? You’ll find an option to toggle your Hood on and off when hovering over the Cloaks and Robes equipment slot.

Essential Combat Tips and Tricks

  • Rather than firing off spells individually, focus on combos. For example, Incendio can only be done at close range, so you can use Levioso to start a juggle with normal spell shots, use Accio to yank an enemy towards you, and then use Incendio to set them alight.
  • Other than Ancient Magic attacks or Stupefy, enemies’ shields can only be broken using a spell of the corresponding color: violet, yellow, or red. This can easily get overwhelming, so it may be a good idea to match each face button to a specific color, even across different spell sets you can eventually switch to with the D-pad. For instance, on Xbox, you can use B for red spells, Y for yellow, and X for violet, since it’s close to blue. Just find a system that works for you and stay consistent!

  • Speaking of ancient magic, the meter fills up quickly while comboing with your basic shots, so make sure you use it. Throwing objects at enemies (especially the red barrels) or pressing both bumpers at the same time can break shields and do massive damage, often even killing an enemy outright. You can even spec into some Talents that fill the meter every time you perform certain actions.
  • Deal with enemies standing above you first. They love to stay at the edges of the field and pelt you with stuff, so bring them down to your level quickly!
  • Utilize stealth when you can! Using the Disillusionment spell and Petrificus Totalus, you can sneak around enemy encampments and stealth takedown enemies, eliminating them from any future fights. You can also use Invisible potions during fights to activate stealth even after being seen.

  • Visit the Enemies Collection menu to discover important information about certain enemies, including techniques to utilize, weaknesses to exploit, and certain spells that an enemy may be most vulnerable to. Some of these are very context-specific, such as blocking a Troll’s boulder to send it right back at him.
  • It’s easy to only focus on the symbols over your head, so you know whether to counter or dodge. But enemies can use AOEs as well, even jumping high into the air or burrowing underground to disguise their attacks. So keep your head on a swivel, and keep an eye on a good escape route if things get too hairy.

  • Almost every time you parry, you should be holding the counter button down to ensure you cast Stupefy. You can improve Stupefy with certain talents, such as giving it the ability to curse enemies, or even due damage on its own, outright.
  • You can’t interrupt a spell casting motion once you start, so make sure there’s not an incoming attack waiting for you before you cast. Hitting an aggressor with Stupefy or lifting groups of enemies can ensure you have time to get spells out.
  • That being said, keep in mind that Stupefy will launch at whomever you’re targeting, not necessarily who you just blocked, so you can use attacks from enemies on the periphery to activate a Stupefy for your most troublesome target.
  • Stupefy pairs perfectly with the Stunning Curse, Stupefy Mastery, and Stupefy Expertise Talents, so if you’re a defensive caster, you may want to prioritize these Talents.

  • If you care about your appearance, keep an eye on the Dueling Feats at the bottom right of the screen. Fulfilling these requirements will get you closer to unlocking new cosmetic options, and they’re just fun ways to try new things in combat.
  • Equip the item you think you’ll need before starting an engagement, if possible. Of course, you can always open the item wheel mid-combat, but going in with a solid plan at the start, whether it be a potion or plant, can save your fumbling fingers from wasting valuable resources. Those plants don’t grow on trees, you know!
  • Talents are extremely important in tuning how you play, but they won’t unlock until you almost complete the main story quest Jackdaw’s Rest.


  • Don’t stress too much about managing your spells, though, as you can unlock further Spell Sets with Talent Points once you’ve completed the Jackdaw’s Rest main quest – this will allow you access to four brand-new spells at the press of a button.
  • While in combat, keep an eye on the bottom right of the UI for Dueling Feats, such as using particular spells or items during battle. Completing these will unlock new cosmetics faster.
  • Keep in mind that Stupefy will launch at whomever you’re targeting, not necessarily who you just blocked. You can use one enemy’s attack to stun a more troublesome enemy if you so choose.

Essential Exploration Tips and Tricks

  • Remember to frequently utilize the Revelio spell, as it’s essentially a free X-ray vision. This spell can help detect nearby loot (gold), enemies (red), and quest-related items or puzzles (blue); it’ll even help show the solution to hedge mazes.

  • Throughout the world, you’ll discover small loot chests that are often easily found. But don’t sleep on them, as while most will simply contain Galleons; there is a rare chance they may contain gear and cosmetic transmogs.

  • Hogwarts Legacy is full of secrets, so be sure to read any Field Guide Pages you discover. Some will even drop clues to use certain spells on statues to uncover secret passageways from Hogwarts to Honeydukes.

  • Travel off the beaten path, especially within caves and dungeons, to discover unmarked loot chests – these can sometimes contain valuable items you can later sell to vendors for quick and easy money.
  • Looking for Demiguise Statues? When exploring Hogwarts, check Classrooms and Professor rooms – such as Professor Fig’s – as there’s a good chance you will find some of these statues hiding in these areas.

  • Almost nowhere is off limits in Hogwarts Legacy, as the wizarding world is hugely explorable. So, if you notice a door, be sure to check it out, as chances are you’ll likely be able to explore inside.

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