Doctor Says Health Insurance Companies ‘Don’t Care About You’

There’s a powerful argument to be built that the United States of The us puts company above all else. Politicians are mostly equipped to be place into positions of energy thanks to the backing of particular fascination groups, lobbies, and consider tanks that are specifically funded by major companies.

It’s no secret substantial companies are inclined to do undesirable things to transform a gain, regardless of whether people’s lives are wrecked in the process. And in accordance to Dr. Glaucomflecken (@drglaucomflecken) in a viral TikTok put up, this exact same form of “business first” state of mind extends to overall health insurance policies companies and their attitudes toward prospects.

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In the clip, he troubles a reminder to his fellow viewers, “Health insurance plan companies really don’t care about you. They do not treatment.”

Dr. Glaucomflecken lists United, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, “all of them” as allegedly not caring about their clients/people.

“They want to extract as much income as probable from your wholesome physique,” he continues. “Then when you are no more time balanced, they want you to die as rapidly as possible, to make home for other dollars-making bodies so…have a great day.”

Insurance plan companies and hospitals have stored their negotiations for the pricing of treatments a solution from consumers, despite the Federal Government’s mandate that this info necessary to be made public. The New York Instances reported that in spite of these orders, hospitals basically didn’t comply as they really do not want sufferers/clients to know what they are actually charging insurance policy companies for the products and services they provide. These healthcare facilities may obtain on their own in problems for refusing to cough up these figures if they acquired funding from the federal federal government in current many years.

Dr. Glaucomflecken’s put up regarding the avarice of well being insurance plan businesses is primarily about when a person considers the enormous income raked in by the business in 2022. Coverage expenditures soared in the course of the panic bordering the COVID-19 pandemic and it seems that healthcare organizations capitalized on it.

The Day by day Dot has attained out to Dr. Glaucomflecken via electronic mail for additional remark.

TikTokers who observed his write-up agreed with the Dr.’s commentary. Just one consumer wrote, “I function in oncology. you 100% accurate.” A further penned, “As someone who will work in wellness insurance coverage verification—yes.”

Some believed that his concept desired to get to additional men and women, with one particular consumer urging, “This desired to be a superbowl commercial! No truer text.”

Many others talked over their individual frustrations in working with insurance plan companies, expressing that just due to the fact their medical doctor recommended them a precise medicine, doesn’t normally indicate that insurers are likely to automatically comply and cover the price of it.

“Yep. They just denied a medicine my doctor pre-authorized bc…. they can,” a person shared.

Some said even in one-payer healthcare programs that they much too experience issues.

A person reported, “also, why are eyes, in particular, a luxurious organ?? even in Australia with one-payer healthcare, dental and ophthalmology are out of pocket. why?”


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*Initially Released: Feb 18, 2023, 8:30 am CST

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