Deep Health Assessment: Do you REALLY know how healthy you are?

“How’s your health and fitness?”

When most people today hear that problem, they instantly believe about their blood get the job done or maybe a nagging difficulty, like back again pain or heartburn or migraines.

Other individuals may concentration on a health achievement:

“Just completed my 3rd marathon this 12 months. Never ever been much healthier!”

Several people simply contemplate their body weight or overall visual appearance:

[pinches stomach] “I’m nevertheless making use of the identical belt gap I utilised in my twenties, so I should be nutritious, ideal?”

What do these have in widespread?

They are centered around a person’s bodily health and fitness.

Which will make feeling: It is how we’ve been taught to believe about our well being due to the fact we were aged sufficient to… consider about our health.


It doesn’t give you the whole picture.

Not even shut.

Great wellness is about way far more than your LDL cholesterol, system composition, and exercise degree.

Investigate displays it is also about your psychological and emotional perfectly-staying, emotion connected to many others, and just experiencing lifetime overall.1,2

And which is just for starters.

That is why we created a novel well being assessment to enable you gauge how you’re really accomplishing.

To do this, it analyzes your well being in 6 important dimensions—instead of just a person.

But other than aiding you much better have an understanding of the point out of your health, it also displays in which you can make the most significant optimistic impression on your wellbeing right now.

End result: You can start getting action—currently.

We get in touch with it the Deep Wellbeing Evaluation.

Use it to find in depth insights into your overall wellbeing and very well-getting that you cannot get anyplace else.

Get your Deep Health and fitness Assessment

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After completing your assessment, if you are curious to study more about Deep Wellness and how all the dimensions work together, preserve reading through.

What is deep health?

Deep Health and fitness is a condition of flourishing in ALL parts of your life—not just the physical.

We refer to these locations as “dimensions of Deep Wellbeing,” and there are six of them: physical, psychological, psychological, social, environmental, and existential.

In the chart beneath, you can see what each dimension indicates. Observe how they all add equally to Deep Health.

If this is all hunting really summary, adhere with us. We’ll exhibit you how it will work with some sensible examples.

The best portion: At the time you see it, you simply cannot unsee it. 

And that can be daily life-modifying.

(In simple fact, it’s made to be lifestyle-transforming.)

So let’s get started.

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What makes Deep Health specific?

Deep Wellbeing isn’t just a thing you want to accomplish.

It’s also a lens you can glance by means of to see wherever you are at. (Hence, our Deep Wellbeing Evaluation above.)

Assume of it this way: If you’re only searching at one dimension of your health—such as the physical—you’re examining your wellness by a quite narrow lens.

But, if you’re hunting at all six dimensions, you are assessing your wellness by a substantially broader lens—some call this a “holistic” view—which gives you bigger insights into your wellbeing.

Moreover, comprehension Deep Well being can enable you much better establish what actions will make the most favourable influence on your life. 

When looking at a new behavior, folks generally believe about how it’ll have an affect on their actual physical health—but not necessarily how it could influence their social, psychological, or other proportions of wellbeing.

When you know about Deep Wellbeing, you can use your insights to aid you select actions that have prevalent positive effects—not just on physical wellness, but other proportions of well being also.

Reward: When an action added benefits multiple proportions, you are far more very likely to maintain it.

How Deep Wellbeing will work

We all know: Bodily wellness is super important.

To optimize that dimension of your health and fitness, you want great nourishment, normal workout, and high quality rest.

Barely any individual would argue with that. (We’d say “no a person,” but have you ever been on Twitter?)

The trouble: You aren’t a robot that’s programmed to do every of all those flawlessly.

In actuality, your potential to consume, go, and rest well—especially in a way that is sustainable—relies upon on the other 5 dimensions of Deep Overall health. 

How does it perform in each day life?

Let us map it out, making use of snooze as an example.

Imagine you are battling to get a very good night’s relaxation.

To examine this difficulty as a result of a Deep Overall health lens, you’d not only consider how your snooze issue influences your bodily overall health, but also how it impacts your psychological, environmental, psychological, social, and existential overall health.

To illustrate this, the map below displays the Outcomes very poor shuteye might have on every dimension of Deep Health.

But we’re not performed yet.

Now search at your dimensions of Deep Wellbeing and look at how each may well be CONTRIBUTING to your disrupted rest.

For example, if you’re not getting along with your associate, that may possibly be triggering some tension in your relationship—and it’s tricky to tumble asleep subsequent to a person when you’re stressing, ‘Are they mad at me?’

As a final result, your social wellness is messing with your shuteye.

You could implement this thinking throughout all 6 proportions of Deep Overall health.

(Which we did. See the up-to-date map.)

Last but not least, glance for associations Involving the dimensions of Deep Well being. After all, these proportions don’t exist in a vacuum they all have an impact on and influence every single other.

For example, in the current map…

  • Very poor slumber is causing heightened get the job done anxiety. The heightened work stress is producing late-night laptop computer get the job done, which is then leading to more lousy rest.
  • Late foods are also actively playing a purpose in the strength struggles.
  • The snapping at the companion is also a reason why the dwelling is messy (mainly because that human being is feeling underappreciated and unwilling to clean).

As you can see…

The map can get really messy.

That is alright.

It signifies there is a good deal of chance for advancement. But it may possibly be that the least difficult (and best) place to commence, is not the place you imagined.

For occasion, probably the finest route to acquiring a better night’s slumber commences with acquiring more organized at work and location up some get the job done/everyday living boundaries, alternatively than hoping to tackle snooze straight.

Comprehending the way different aspects of existence perform together to develop your elaborate human experience is in which the actual insights start off.

But let us not go away you with this alternatively hopeless-wanting mess.

You just saw how a variety of facets of wellness ended up impacted by A person difficulty (bad slumber).

Let’s see how different areas of overall health can be impacted by Just one alternative.

The exponential electric power of a constructive action

Snooze can be a difficult detail.

In most cases, it is not like you can snap your fingers and just choose to rest superior.

But let us use the insights we obtained from our Deep Well being mapping higher than, and see how we could positively affect snooze.

Function anxiousness and weak boundaries around operating hrs may well be making it difficult to “turn off” and get top quality rest at night.

So, say you start out with a simple intervention: Environment some boundaries all-around your night. No get the job done email messages after 6:30 p.m., and nothing at all but chill functions (like reading through or observing a mild-hearted clearly show) right after 9 p.m.

Due to the fact you recognize Deep Overall health, you also hypothesize that this new program will advantage not just snooze (your actual physical health) but may perhaps also make improvements to other proportions of wellness.

For illustration, not working evenings signifies you could shell out a lot more high-quality time with your spouse—bumping up social health—or even get a likelihood to do some light tidying up just before bed—bumping up environmental overall health.

And hey! After a pair weeks, this gradual wind-down ritual does start serving to you slide asleep faster and get improved top quality snooze all round.

Your rest may not be great, but darn it, it is much better than it was ahead of.

Let’s map what occurs.

Alright, so the center is now a optimistic trait, many thanks to your new evening regimen.

And, as stated, you are sleeping much better.

Now, let’s seem at the Results of this enhancement on every single dimension of Deep Well being.

Upcoming, check with your self what components might be CONTRIBUTING to the advancement.

What might be supporting you—from just about every dimension of Deep Health—to manage your bedtime regime and sleep much better?

Lastly, glance for relationships Amongst the features on your map.

In this hypothetical properly-rested person…

  • Superior slumber is creating improved concentration and productiveness throughout standard get the job done hours. This frees up time exterior of work, which allows you make up other features of your id, and sense significantly less described by operate.
  • Meal planning and far more typical wholesome, house-cooked meals are also assisting daytime temper equilibrium. (For the reason that, less hanger.)
  • The electrical power you have acquired from sleeping better is also supporting you feel in a even bigger way about your lifetime, and how you’d like to contribute to the world or your community in a significant way.

The map could glance messy once again.

But this time it is a attractive mess.

It’s now the map of a complex, still elegant, harmonious, flourishing life.

All the proportions do the job alongside one another, developing good momentum and offering scaffolding for even far more enhancements.

Your well being is not dependent on One solitary aspect, this kind of as your actual physical health.

Thus, improving your wellness should not be confined to working on A single dimension—say, your body.

In reality, health is supported by a community of intersecting, interdependent factors.

And when that community is powerful and doing the job with each other, it creates a point out of health that is richer, deeper, and much more resilient than something you have ever expert.

If you haven’t now, check out out your Deep Health Assessment under, and start out creating YOUR optimal wellness and effectively-becoming.


Simply click right here to view the information sources referenced in this short article.

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