Deborah Roberts insists it’s important to ‘push forward and keep going’ after husband Al Roker reveals health news

AL Roker’s wife, Deborah Roberts, has been trying to keep the faith amid her hubby revealing some unsettling health news.

On Thursday, Deborah took to her Instagram Stories to share an uplifting video with fans after they received some disheartening news from Al last week.

Al Roker's wife Deborah Roberts shared an uplifting video on social media


Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts shared an uplifting video on social mediaCredit: Instagram / Deborah Roberts
Deborah's post came after her hubby Al revealed some sad news on Instagram


Deborah’s post came after her hubby Al revealed some sad news on InstagramCredit: Instagram / debrobertsabc

In the clip, Deborah, 62, was walking through New York City in the morning time.

Deborah, who is also an ABC reporter, noted the cold weather she was experiencing, asking, “who turned off spring?”

The news reporter revealed she had to run back to her home to grab a hat and gloves to keep warm – she showed the gloves in the camera.

Despite the low temperature, Deborah trudged on with optimism.

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“[It’s] chilly but I guess we’re gonna have a weather dance for a few more weeks,” she said.

“In the meantime, we just push forward and we keep going.

“And I hope you do too,” Deborah added.

She then wished fans a happy Thursday.

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The TV personality’s post was comforting, especially since Al, 68, who stars on Today, dropped a bomb on social media recently.

Al took to Instagram on March 21 to upload a photo of his smartwatch, which revealed he had walked 11,184 steps.

He also revealed that he’s due to undergo major surgery soon.

The father-of-three captioned the post: “Before my left knee went south, a 10k+ step day was no big deal.

“Today was the first day, I felt good walking this much. But the knee replacement of this 22-year-old knee replacement is just around the corner,” he added.


Al’s 916,000 followers were quick to comment on his photo and some even offered up their advice.

“Just do what you can (Without hurting yourself) but keep going!!” one person said.

Another told him: “Al, you’re an inspiration to so many of us!”

A third wrote: “Motion is lotion they say! Way to go Al.”

A fourth fan commented: “Way to get back in the saddle, Mr. Roker you are such an inspiration.”

And a fifth person urged: “Put those feet up and rest, Al!”

Someone else added: “I’m happy to see you’re getting back to walking….bet it’s a good milestone for you. Take it slow, though!”

Getting serious with him, another person advised: “Love you Al, but after working as an OR nurse for 35 years. (and I’ve had a knee replaced) my goal would not be how many steps I can do, but how to avoid the re-do knee replacement.

“It’s a much more complicated surgery than a primary TKR. As much as I love walking, I’d swim or bike to slowdown the wear and tear. I’m sure you’ve got a great surgeon but I’d proceed with great caution…” they added.


Earlier this month, Al sparked concern among fans after they caught him appearing to struggle during a live fitness segment on Today.

The beloved weatherman did a series of exercises with a fitness instructor during a broadcast on March 1.

Health coach Stephanie Mansour joined Al to present a segment on the daily steps people can take to improve their health.

Stephanie advised slow walking followed by fast walking and marched around the set, with Al in tow.

The presenter seemed to slow down and struggle to keep up as the fitness instructor switched to rapid walking.

She then took him and a show guest through doing slow squats and standing on tiptoes.

One viewer claimed Al looked like he was unsteady during the routine.

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They tweeted: “He’s seriously struggling can someone get him a chair!”

Another added: “Take it easy Al!”

Deborah gave fans words of encouragement for the day


Deborah gave fans words of encouragement for the dayCredit: Instagram / Deborah Roberts
Deborah's inspiring clip offset Al's revelation that he was getting surgery soon


Deborah’s inspiring clip offset Al’s revelation that he was getting surgery soonCredit: Instagram/Deborah Roberts
Al has been very transparent with fans about his health struggles over the last year


Al has been very transparent with fans about his health struggles over the last yearCredit: Getty Images – Getty