Columbia’s Physical Fitness and Health council hosts first-ever Winter Well-Being Expo | Mid-Missouri News

COLUMBIA – The City of Columbia’s Mayor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Health hosted the first-ever Winter Well-Being Expo on Saturday.

The event featured various community organizations that had hands-on activities, brochures and giveaways related to physical and mental well-being. 

The Well-Being Expo featured organizations like the Boone County Regional Library, Achieve Balance Chiropractic and Compass Health, among others. 

Community members walked around the center and were able to talk to and participate in activities with these organizations. 

The Mayor’s Council chair said knowing about these resources is important during the winter months. 

“When it’s cold, it’s harder to get outside and do all the fun outdoor activities that Colombia has to offer,” Candace Rodman says. “This is kind of a way to learn how to stay inside, keep yourself healthy and make sure you’re surviving through the winter as best you can.”

The Mayor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Health is a city board appointed by the Columbia City Council.

Their role is to educate the public about physical fitness. This includes promoting, initiating and encouraging local fitness and city programs.

Rodman says the Mayor’s Council is looking for volunteers. For more information head to the city website

The event took place at the MU Family Impact Center at 105 E. Ash Street and was free to the public.