Can Fidgeting Make You Thin? — Nomadista Nutrition

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis sounds intimidating but the concept is quite simple! Also known as NEAT, it involves the energy expended from doing the daily activities that make us unique beings. 

These include things such as the energy expended daily while at our jobs, playing instruments or even simple mannerisms like fidgeting. This doesn’t include the energy expended from sleeping, eating, or purposeful exercise. 

The benefits of NEAT activities are endless! These benefits include everything from weight loss to making our workouts more productive. Dr. Levine is a researcher at the Mayo Clinic and has been studying the implications of inactivity in adults for years. His work involves trying to understand the obesity epidemic and how to combat it. 

His research has shown that people who engage in NEAT activities tend to be thinner than those who don’t, and they also tend to lose weight more sustainably. Doing NEAT activities also helps to increase blood flow throughout the body which can help aid in muscle recovery from intentional workouts. 

Interested? I don’t blame you. NEAT activities are great ways to improve your overall health. These activities can count for 15-30% of your daily calorie expenditure

Here are some ways to start incorporating more NEAT activities into your daily life:

Go on walks throughout the day: Our occupation has a lot to do with the amount of NEAT we can get in a day. If you have an office job that requires you to be more sedentary, try taking breaks throughout the day and go on walks. Another idea is to host “walking meetings.” Instead of having meetings sitting down, you can take walks with coworkers and discuss. 

Bonus points for walking outside! This can help to increase your NEAT and get blood flowing throughout the body, plus balance your circadian rhythm.