6 Morning Habits for a Quick Weight Loss

If you are planning to lose your weight then just signing up for a diet or an exercise regimen will not help you. What you need to do is incorporate some morning habits that will help you in your weight loss journey and will help you in shedding a few kilos. There are many easy ways to lose weight that you can include in your daily routine to get the instant results. Today we will discuss about 6 easy ways to lose weight by Monika Manchanda one of the best dietitian for Weight loss that will help you in lose your weight quickly.

1. Drink warm water

If your metabolism slows down at night or even if it is slow during the day, then it becomes very important for you to kick-start the day, in the right way. When you get up in the morning drinking a glass of warm water can really do miracle. It will be much better if you add lemon juice and honey water in it and another ingredient, that you can add in it, to replace, honey and lemon juice is apple cider vinegar. This ensures that you will have a regular bowl movement and feel lighter and fresher in the morning. You should practise this, in the morning every day until it becomes your habit.  

2. Exercise

Practicing yoga, going for a long walk and light intensive exercises for at least 25 minutes in the morning are some of the easy ways to lose weight quickly. This will help you to lose weight quickly. According to research by National Institute Health, women who do aerobic exercises in the morning have 32% more weight reduction than those who do it in other time intervals in day. If you are not a beginner then practice going to the gym in the morning and engage yourself in some high – intensity exercises. Doing work out in the morning will not only help you in boosting your metabolism but will also help you to start your day with a high endorphin level.

3.Get Some More Natural Vitamin D (Sunlight)

Vitamin – D plays a very important nutritional role in human body. Even the expensive nutritional supplements can’t meet the nutritional value of natural vitamin-D, which you can get by sunlight. Therefore, it will be much better for you to spend more time in the morning sunlight which will kick start your day and weight-loss routine. However, you need to be aware that the sunlight you consume should be done in the early morning and not at any other time during the day because the UV radiations in the morning is comparatively less than any other part of the day.

4. Get the right breakfast

Take plenty of protein, dietary-fibre rich foods like eggs, fresh fruits and seeds for breakfast. It is also recommended that you should take a boost of healthy carbohydrates like oats, green vegetables, multigrain bread, muesli etc. Make this meal heavy and keep the other meals light because you are going to burn your calories from this one, throughout the day. And it is not ideal to eat heavy meals often, when you are on a weight loss journey. So, it is compulsory for you to prepare main meals and include nutrients dense and healthy foods in them. Salad, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, baked vegetables etc should also be included in your diet plan.

5. Practice Mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness refers to involving yourself in different activities and bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings. If you have trouble understanding this concept, let me explain it benefits. It helps as mindfulness is related to positive mindset which also have supported the person in the weight loss.  Intervention based on mindfulness in the morning results in reduction in obesity, better eating behavior and much more. It can affect 68% of your weight loss journey in a positive way.

6. Take proper sleep

Sleep is linked to a number of health factors. It also helps in weight loss and dealing with obesity. Going to the bed on time and taking 8 hours of sleep can improve your metabolism and other digestive functions in body. Because of this, it becomes easier to burn calories and restrict the hunger cravings. Both taking right amount of sleep and waking up early are important as it directly connected to weight loss and nutrition management. In fact, many studies have revealed that sleep deprivation commonly leads to metabolism dysregulation. In adults, it is clear that if you are getting 6 hours sleep or less at night, then, you are more likely to be diagnosed as obese.

If you really want to lose your weight, you should consult the best dietitian for weight loss.  Taking diet tips for weight loss from best dietitian in Delhi does not means cutting down from your meals, it means choosing the right amount of nutrients, you require from your meals. I hope these morning habits will help you in a positive way and if you wish to bring this change more quickly and effectively, contact us now @ 9818565756 or or book an appointment online.