13 of the best health and fitness apps we can’t live without

13 of the best health and fitness apps we can’t live without

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Your phone can be a multitude of things; it can be a camera, act as a sat nav, and also – if you want it to be – your personal trainer. Simply downloading an app onto your phone can open up a world of easy, accessible self-care… and help you keep extra motivated. It really all depends on your goals (be they to improve your yoga game or get better acquainted with your own body, or menstrual cycle).

However, there are plenty of them in app stores which can almost be as much of a curse as it is a blessing. Which one to choose?! So, to save you the hassle of working out for yourself which health and fitness apps are really worth trying, we’ve picked out and reviewed a selection to download – whether you’ve got a gym membership or not.

Pssst some of them are free!

Best app for yoga

Asana Rebel

£8.99 per month, £28.99 year subscription

As someone with a short attention span, I’m never motivated to follow an hour-long fitness video at home. However, this app felt realistic for anyone with a busy lifestyle or beginning their yoga journey. The videos are quick and packed, lasting between five and 30 minutes.

– Chloe, features intern


Best app to track your menstrual cycle


£5.99 per month, £29.49 year subscription

Having used the free version of Flo, I was unsure how much benefit there’d be to the premium version. But, after leaning into the new features, I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to feel more clued up about their cycle. My favourite feature is the diary function, which offers in-depth insights on irregular cycles.

– Natasha, fashion editor


Best app if you… want to decrease stress


£19.39 per month, £197.91 year subscription*

For me, balancing my five life pillars is overwhelming, but using Glo i feel more in control and on top of self-care. The app feels like a safe haven for all the essential activities needed to create and commit to a personal wellness practice. There are over 5,000 classes and programmes in yoga, Pilates, meditation and fitness.

– Jaime, digital design editor

Best app if you… want a fitness community vibe

Body by Ciara

£17.99 per month, £179.99 year subscription

I’ve been a fan since the pandemic when it was a private Instagram account. Now an app, the energy and family vibe remains. A live workout schedule is led by boss Ciara and her trainer squad, with fun interactive chat. The online library is constantly refreshed with sessions from HIIT to yoga.

– Anna, acting digital editor


Best app if you… want to meditate on the go


£25.99 per month, £159.99 year subscription

When I’m feeling worried, I crave verbal encouragement. I get plenty from my loved ones, but this meditation app is the perfect supplement. The audio clips are an uplifting mix: part intention-setting, part affirmation. I can’t sit still for silent traditional meditation, so this app suits me.

– Maddy, shopping editor


best health and fitness apps

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Best app if you… want to build up your cardio

Couch to 5k


Before I started using the app, I hadn’t run long distance (yes, 5k is long distance for me) since cross-country at school. Even if you’re a total beginner, this programme builds gradually with running stints interspersed with walking. I was surprised at how quickly these sessions built up my fitness levels, and when it stepped up into straight runs, I was ready.

– Saskia, fashion director


Best app if you… are competitive

Fiit Club

Free 14 day trial, £120 a year, or £20 each month for a premium membership

From the makers of popular at-home training app Fiit, Fiit Club allows you to virtually train – and compete – in live HITT classes with other people, however far away you are. No gym needed. All you have to do is wear a chest strap (you get one free with a premium membership) which tracks calories, reps and heart rate using a built in accelerometer. This data calculates how ‘hard’ you’re working, and determines your place on the leaderboard against your competitors. Choose from five classes (Power, Hi-Lo, Remix, Elevate, and Relentless), scheduled five times a day, and taught on screen by two of Fiit’s Master Trainers, including, Love Island’s Gabby Allen, Adrienne Herbert, Chessie King and more. (Currently, Fiit is only available on iOS, but will soon be available on Android.)


Best app if you… have zero time

Johnson & Johnson Seven Minute Workout


Short on time? Why not work out for just seven minutes. Yep, SEVEN! These efficient, science-workouts have been designed by Chris Jordan, the Director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, and come with variations so you can personalise each workout to your style.


Best app if you… like horror films

Zombies, Run!

Free for the standard version, or £22.99 a year for the pro version

Whether it’s on a treadmill or outside, make your run more interesting by choosing from over 200 immersive stories which turn your workout into a mission to rebuild civilisation and escape the zombies. Nice and chilled.


Best app if you… need motivation



What better motivation than knowing you’re exercising for a good cause? CharityMiles partners with more than 40 charities – including Stand Up To Cancer, Save The Children and Every Mother Counts – to donate money from a corporate sponsorship pool every time you run, walk, cycle or move, to the charity of your choice. The path to a healthy body and a healthy mind.


Best app if you… want a fitness community


Free with in-app purchases (subscription-based)

If you’re looking for a female fitness community, SWEAT is where you’ll find it. Advocated by the likes of Kayla Itsines and Kelsey Wells, train for 28 minutes at a time with the choice to select equipment-free at-home workouts, or workouts you can do in the gym. How involved you get is up to you; meal plans and shopping lists are also available alongside the workouts.


Best app if you… want to work out on your own terms


£3.99 a month, plus in-app purchases

This app is flexible in the true sense of the word, allowing users to customise their workouts based on how much time they have, and what sort of workout they’re are looking for. Just enter the number of minutes you have (/can cope with), anywhere between 1 and 90, and Sworkit will generate a video-guided, sport-scientist approved, targeted workout lasting that amount of time. If you’re not 100% convinced, why not make the most of the seven-day free trial to see if this app floats your boat.


Best app if you… want to sight-see while exercising

Runnin’ City


If you’re a natural explorer, you’ll like the idea of sightseeing while running. Next time you’re on holiday or on a work trip, pack your trainers and download the app, and you’ll have access to running routes in over 120 cities around the world. Choose from 5k, 10k or 15k depending on your stamina, and download the runs before you go to avoid using data.


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