11 of My Favorite Summer Spotify Playlists (A Round-Up)

Anyone else keep music playing in their homes at (almost) all times? While y’all know I *love* listening to podcasts when I get some time to myself (on my daily walk preferably), there is something so MAGIC about music. Especially in today’s day in age, with so much info and noise and stuff coming at us all the time, music is like this beautiful salve.

And a chance to tap into a much different energy. No matter where you are or what you’re doing.

I find that when I’m rushing or feeling like there’s too much to get done, if I can quietly tell myself to slow down, turn on a playlist I love and focus on one thing at a time, the whole vibe of our home (and my mindset) shifts. Just like that. Or if I’m feeling stressed or the energy of the house is feeling chaotic, I choose specific playlists.

Morning mellow ones. Fun outdoor hang ones. Oldies. Newbies. Kids music that makes you feel nostalgic yourself (and the non-annoying kind). Music for date nights, or for family gatherings or friends.

I’m all about the energy. And the vibe of things. And creating it, how I *want* to feel.

A question I get a lot is: what are your favorite playlists? And where can I find them?

So I figured it was about time that I pulled them together, round-up style. Because we love and listen to music daily around here– and I have some whole-family-approved playlists that kids and adults alike can enjoy. You can find all of these on Spotify; just click “add to your library” so you can easily listen to them again!

Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure you’re subscribed to my podcast on Spotify and/or Apple. On the pod, I share simple health tips, stories and insights to make your own health journey a little easier, lighter, brighter and more effortless.

Okay, let’s groove.

01. Summer Weekends: all time fav. Think: chill beats, a few upbeat pop songs, some soft folksy songs and just music that will all-around make you feel happy and fill your home with positive vibes.

02. Vacation Vibes: we have a mix of reggae, oldies and beachy country to make you feel like you’re sipping a healthy marg on the beach somewhere warm.

03. Dinner with Friends: this playlist is full of chill, happy tracks both new and old. Perfect for a simple summer dinner at home (per the name of the playlist).

04. Hush Kids Mix: perfect morning vibes. A mix of indie/folk music that will start your day on the best foot.

05. Dinner Vibes: French cafe music to make you feel like you’re living in a movie for a little while.

06. 70’s Road Trip: if you love oldies (think Hall & Oates, Bill Withers, Fleetwood Mac… the greats) this is a JAM. It makes me so happy.

07. Summer Chill: great morning music, again! Lots of acoustic, chill, happy music that will make you feel good first thing in the day.

08. Non-Annoying Kids Songs: I mean…. self-explanatory?? I felt an impossible-to-ignore calling to create this playlist for parents to (actually) enjoy kid music with their littles. My little gift to you!

09. My Favorite Kids Playlist of All Time: sweet, folk & nostalgia all mixed in one. It makes me remember to stay in the moment with their magic.

10. Bossanova Vacation: the perfect morning or late afternoon mix. Or for hosting, vacation or a beach day.

11. Peaceful & Relaxed: for calm morning vibes, or anytime you need a minute to recalibrate.


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