57 best fitness, workout and wellness gifts to give in 2023

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It’s not 2024 yet, but it’s close, and lots of us are thinking of ways to keep our wellness game strong as the cold weather approaches.

Whether you’re shopping for a fitness lover or someone who likes holistic health, we have something that will hit the mark. From home rowing machines to smart watches, there’s no shortage of options. 

According to the annual wellness report from Well + Good,  2023 brought us some cool things to make us our healthier selves.

Virtual workouts, wearable devices, and mobility training was just a few of the things forecasted, and thus far, the predictions have been correct. More importantly, they won’t stop in 2024, according to a report from Mindbody. In fact, the wellness ante is being raised with more people looking into hot and cold therapy, like this Cold Pod Ice Bath Tub ($195), wearable devices like WHOOP 4.0 ($239), and functional training tools.

We worked up a sweat finding the best fitness gifts for men, women and anyone who likes to be on the forefront when their health is concerned. Leggings from lululemon, supplements from Care/of, adjustable weights with rave reviews — we left no stone unturned. 

Ready to run to these sweet fitness finds? Ahead, find our edit of the best fitness, workout wellness gifts of 2023 we recommend adding to your cart. We’re working out right along with you. While you’re at it, spend time browsing through our edit of the best Amazon fitness finds to complete your purchase.

Best Fitness, Workout and Wellness Gifts for 2023

lululemon Chargefeel 2 Low Women’s Workout Shoe

lululemon Chargefeel 2 sneakers in neon orange, pink and white.

It’s recommended to switch up workout shoes every 300 miles, which can make exercise a pricey habit. That’s why new sneakers always make a nice fitness gift, especially if they are these ones from lululemon.

The Chargefeel 2 Low has dual foam cushioning to give extra bounce and support. Its streamline design is lightweight — always a good thing when speed is concerned — and the mapped outsole gives good grip. Our favorite feature, however, is the upper portion of the shoe, which sits close to the foot to prevent jostling around while running or performing drills. Available in six different colors.


WHOOP watch

If you’re into health data tracking, you’ve probably heard of WHOOP. The wearable fitness device pairs with an app to determine your baseline metrics, and then continuously runs to offer performance scores. An awesome option for the person who hates bulky watches, the slim, waterproof design is not only aesthetically on point, but functional. It tracks movement, sleep patterns, recovery — you name it.

WHOOP 4.0 comes with a lifetime warranty and has 24/7 support. Membership (starting at $239) is needed, but it also connects you to a community of fitness-focused folks, which is a great way to stay motivated on your health journey. And FYI, if you’re not feeling the black band, it comes in a multitude of other colors.

LIT Axis

Woman using smart resistance bands, while watching a TV

Pilates remains all the rage. If you can’t swing a reformer in your home — and lots of us can’t — this smart resistance training system may be even better. It comes with resistance cables that monitor repetition, knows how much weight you’re lifting and can even corrects mistakes in form. It works with Bluetooth to pair with any device, and comes with two pairs of adjustable LIT bands, handles, ankle cuffs and a protective carrying case. Best of all, it’s under $200!

Clearly Filtered Glass Filtered Water Bottle

Glass water bottle with filter.
Clearly Filtered

A reusable water bottle is great, but one that comes with a filter is even better! This one is made of borosilicate glass, so it won’t get dingy or that weird smell some plastic water bottles get. And its filter life is good for 25 gallons. That’s a whole lot of agua.

To make this gift even more special, we suggest adding an extra filter ($25) into the gift bag.

She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

She's Birdie personal alarm in blue with key ring to the side.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Better safe than sorry,” which is why the She’s Birdie is on our list. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a personal alarm system for when danger strikes on a run or walk. It may look sleek and unassuming, but its siren can go for 40 minutes straight, plus it also has a built-in strobe light. This is not only a great gift for outdoor exercisers, but students, those who commute late hours or find themselves walking Fido after dark.

The Cold Pod

Compact ice bath.

Whether you’re a Wim Hof follower or not, you probably know that cold submersion is a thing. And if you’re into it, you don’t have to journey to the cool waters of Amsterdam to get your plunge on. The Cold Pod is compact enough for the backyard or patio, is easy to transport, and can hold up to 116 gallons of liquid. It comes with a pump, drain hose and also has eight legs for support, so even if you’re shivering up a storm, it should stay calm as an undisturbed sea.

Brooks Men’s Ghost 15

A Brooks Ghost 15 men's sneaker

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal workout shoe. Is it sturdy but not too heavy? Does it flexible but supportive and still durable enough to go over tough terrain? Now, open your eyes and meet Brooks Men’s Ghost 15. Its midsole has DNA LOFT V2 cushioning to cradle the foot, while shock absorbers minimize the impact of your strike. The upper has enhanced mesh for breathability, and the padding in the back is nice on the ankles. Good for runners and cross training, the shoe comes in more than a dozen colors.

Concept2 RowErg Indoor Rowing Machine

A slim row machine.

Even though gyms have been reopened for more than two years, working out at home remains a popular option. What we like specifically about this rowing machine is that it’s foldable, making it an ideal choice if you’re short on space. Its flywheel design is quiet (good if you want to workout without waking the house), while caster wheels on the front make transport a breeze. The performance monitor has a USB port to store workout data, so you can see how you’re doing week after week!

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Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality headset and hand gear.

VR workouts have been big for 2023. No, they’re not for everyone, but for the person who likes cutting edge stuff or simply gets bored fast, it’s a great and unexpected gift. The reason we like the Meta Quest 2 is because it can used to download fitness apps like Supernatural, a very cool kickboxing meets Jedi master workout. Whomever you give this to will enjoy a totally immersive experience, complete with sound and awe inspiring sights. Meta also makes it possible to join your friends and family in the virtual world, so you can sweat together. Well, as much as anyone can in an alternate reality.

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Set

Adjustable weights in case.

It never hurts to have a pair of weights handy for days you can’t swing the gym, and these are like five dumbbells in one!

Each plate is 5 pounds (making each dumbbell 50 pounds when fully stacked) and locks into place with a Twist Lock Technology for safety. And if you don’t have lifting gloves, no sweat! The soft grip handle on these babies make them fairly comfortable to hold through squats, walking lunges, and deadlifts. Plus, they have a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

Alo Yoga Airlift Fly Dress

Woman in green workout dress from front and back.
Alo Yoga

For pickball or old school tennis, slip on this cute Alo Yoga workout dress. Designed with breathable fabric and a built-in shelf bra, it’s a comfortably chic option for sweat sessions. It does hug curves, so we recommend sizing up if you like some wiggle room. Available in four colors, sizes XXS to L.


Phone with virtual coaching on screen, a watch and Apple Airpods by its side.

Lots of people need the extra motivation a trainer provides but don’t really have time to make the gym. That’s where Future comes in. The digital personal training platform offers workout plans tailored to you and your body’s unique needs.

And this isn’t one of those apps with trainers that you never actually speak to, either. In fact, a call with a coach is how your Future journey begins. During the call, you’ll discuss goals, injury history and everything else your coach will need to hand select workouts that are best for you. Every Sunday a new workout is published to your account, and you can message with your coach whenever you need tips or some extra support. Everything can be done through your Apple or Android. Pause or cancel membership at any time.


Lumen device and phone with app on screen.

Who doesn’t love a biohack?

Yet another fitness and wellness trend of 2023 (thanks, Bryan Johnson!), we’re for anything that (safely) promotes longevity or at least keeps us in the know about our personal health. Case in point, Lumen, the device that tracks your metabolism. Fairly easy to use, blow into the pocket size device and it measures C02 levels to tell if you’re burning carbs or fat. All this info is viewable on the accompanying app, and can help determine if your metabolism is optimally operating. Helpful, right?

According to a 2022 report from the Mayo Clinic, metabolism flexibility is a way to prevent hyperglycemia after eating, and helps blood glucose get delivered to the glycolytic tissues and the the brain. While this is a little more science-y than we want to get into for a gift guide, we can say the daily scores received from Lumen can provide insights to dips in energy, weight gain and other things worth discussing with your doctor.

Free People FP Movement Happiness Runs Crop Tank

Free People FP Movement Happiness Runs Crop Tank
Free People

One word of advice: run to this tank top. We didn’t think a basic $30 tank top could change our lives (not to be dramatic), but Free People’s best-seller is far from ordinary. It’s flattering, comes in basically every color you can think of and makes a stellar gift.

Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep device and the pod sheet.
Eight Sleep

This fitness gift is definitely an investment, but can you put a price tag on sleep?

The smart bedding device automatically controls the temperature of the bed, so you don’t wake sweating or shivering. It’s completely customizable, adjusting itself to your desired coolness or warmth before you hit the sheets. Neater still, it can even wake you up with gentle vibrations. We feel dreamy just thinking about it.

Apple Watch Series 8

Cream colored Apple Series 8 Watch

We like to think of the Apple Watch Series 8 as the ultimate fitness tracker for multitaskers. It can take and send calls, has a large face for easy typing and a polished design to suit almost any aesthetic. More importantly, it tracks major health stats!

The fitness wearable let’s you track your sleep stats, as well as blood oxygen level. It can also sense your temperature, take your ECG, as well as all the things you’d expect, like steps, and calories burned. If you’re curious about the Apple Watch Series 9, that’s not a bad option either. However, there isn’t a big difference between the two (the Series 9 has a double tap feature and upgraded S9 chip), so we say save the money, and go with the Series 8.

Apple AirPods

All three Apple AirPods

We don’t have to try to sell you on this one — the infamous Apple AirPods Pro are some of the best wireless earbuds for you to listen while you workout. No cords, no fumbling.

Although they’re not the newest kid on the block as far as fitness is concerned, if you know someone who doesn’t have them, gift them a pair. They’re popular for a reason, so help a loved one get with it (or replace the ones they lost on the subway).

Regardless if it’s the AirPods Pros (2nd Gen) or AirPods (3rd Gen), both are noise canceling, sweat resistant and Siri compatible.

At $149, the AirPods (3rd Gen) are slightly more affordable than the AirPod Pros (2nd Gen), which are currently on sale for $199. However, we prefer the latter, mainly for the surround sound and user-friendly volume control. And, of course, the Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) work for a cool fitness gift under $100.

Cure Hydrating Electrolyte Starter Kit

Variety pack of Cure electrolyte mixes.

This variety pack from Cure makes a fun gift for the workout bunny or gym rat in your life. Everyone — literally — needs electrolytes, and since we lose them when we sweat, it’s good to drink something to boost them up. None of the hydrating electrolyte drink mixes have sugar (the main thing one has to watch for with these types of things). They also don’t have erythritol or artificial sweeteners, because we don’t want that either.

More than 2,000 happy customers on Cure are obsessed with these, so we’re willing to bet whomever you give these to will be as well. Eight different flavors come in the useable pouch, and even kids, one-year-old or older, can enjoy them.

lululemon On My Level Bag 2.0.

Woman holding a lululemon bag and wearing a jacket and joggers.

What’s cool about this lululemon bag is that it can be used for work, as well as the gym. It has enough interior pockets to hold your laptop and your workout leggings. It’s also made of water-repellant fabric and has a removable adjustable strap for when you want to give your back a break. Available in three different colors.

CooSpo H6 Heart Rate Monitor

Chest strap heart monitor.

For most people, a fitness tracker like the Apple Series 8 or Fitbit Inspire 3 works well enough to track exercise stats. However, if you’re into aerial arts, karate or any other sport where wrists and hands make contact with various surfaces, a non-wrist fitness tracker may be preferable. This chest strap from CooSpo is user friendly, connects to Bluetooth and ANT+ 2 to read metrics on your phone, and is thin enough to be virtually undetectable beneath clothes. Boasting more than 300 hours of battery life and sweat-proof, you can box, do yoga silks and any other activity with the confidence you’re collecting vital data. It’s compatible with apps such as Zwift, HR Monitor and Polar Beat, and also works directly with the Concept2, NordicTrack treadmills and Peloton Bike. Best of all, it’s under $50, making it one our favorite fitness gifts of 2023.

Cymbiotika Magnesium L-Threonate

Cymbiotika supplement packet next to box.

Magnesium plays a role in energy production, as well as muscle and nerve performance, so naturally it makes sense that most wellness-conscious people want to make sure they’re getting the right amount. According to a 2022 paper published in Nutrients, the only bioavailable form of the mineral is Magnesium L-Threonate, which may explain why people turn to Cymbiotika for their daily dose. And this specific formula uses a liposomal delivery, which helps nutrients get to where they need to be, instead of being broken down in the digestive track. It can be taken daily, and lots of Cymbiotika customers report that it relaxes them enough to fall asleep!

Theragun Mini

Theragun mini with app

This pocket size massage gun is a delight for sore muscles. Weighing less than 3 pounds, it features three speeds, has an ergonomic grip and a brushless motor with QuietForce Technology. What does that mean for you? Oh, just a quieter personal massage that can be enjoyed while your partner sleeps or during the commute home. It’s also Bluetooth enabled and can be used with the Therabody app, which has a library of wellness routines to try out.

Lit Bike

Immersive gamified exercise bike with screen.

If you didn’t know, gamified fitness is big this year, so you know we had to recommend something that integrated game tech with exercise. Behold — the Lit Bike. Featuring an immersive 21.5 inch HD rotatable touchscreen, the ability to detect when you leave your seat and gorgeous design, this offers the ride of a lifetime. Its algorithm tailors fitness challenges to your needs, keeping things entertaining and challenging. Take part of motivational virtual events and classes. There’s even this thing called Rhythm Game, which is part cycle class, part dance club — fun! Or should we say, lit!

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Imaware Health Testing

Health testing kit and phone with results on screen.

Every body is unique, so it’s helpful to build a lifestyle around your specific needs. This often requires blood work, which many of us don’t have time to get done. Fortunately, Imaware simplifies the process by offering lab-grade testing kits for home. Concerned about dipping testosterone? There’s a kit for that. Curious about Vitamin D levels? There’s a kit for that, too. All that’s required is a few drops of blood (directions on how to collect are fairly straight forward) and in seven days, your report and recommendations will be uploaded to your account. All tests are CLIA-certified, so you’ll be armed with real information for your next doctor’s visit.

Green Chef Meal Delivery Kit

Plate of food with vegetables and meat.
Green Chef

Most of us accept that what we eat directly impacts our health. Of course, it’s not always easy to pick the healthy option when we’re running after kids or stressing over work. The good news is that meal kits. which we’ve extensively reviewed, exist. For the fitness buff or calorie counter, we recommend Green Chef. It has something for everyone, so even if you’re keto, vegan or flexitarian, you’ll have lots of easy recipes that please your palette and waistline. Meals start at $12.99 per serving. Pause or cancel anytime.

Proud Panda Heavy Jump Rope

A folded up jump rope.

Jumping rope may be one of the most underrated workouts around. It helps with coordination, while providing a solid cardio workout. This one from Proud Panda is available in varying weights to make things more challenging, has an adjustable length and more than 3,000 five star reviews on Amazon.

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Leggings

A pair of Under Armour Leggings in black.

For the guy who won’t let rain or snow stop his morning run, gift a pair of these cold weather leggings. They have four-way stretch, are moisture-wicking and have a dual-layer of fabric to provide warmth without extra weight. They can be worn alone or beneath a pair of men’s joggers, and are available in a myriad of colors.

RestCloud Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Woman resting head on blue neck and shoulder pillow.

Whether working from the office or home, most of us understand the literal pain in the neck of hunching over a keyboard. And concerns about tech neck are real, according to a report released from Pinterest about search trends, so this pillow will be a sure crowdpleaser.

Made of soft foam, the neck and shoulder relaxer’s wave design helps to ease tension and promote the spine’s natural curve. It also has three-way stretch and is available in several different colors. Thousands of happy Amazon customers love it!

lululemon Down for It All Vest

Woman in vest, leggings and shirt.

When running is concerned, it’s all about endurance and speed. Obviously, you don’t want a heavy coat weighing you down. To keep warm, try this lightweight vest on before hitting the road. It has zone insulation to keep the chill out and is also windproof and water-resistant. There are zippered pockets for your keys and cards, plus an interior phone sleeve, too! Available in five colors, this makes a great gift for yourself or one of your running buds!

Suja Juice


For the person who’s always looking for a little boost, the juice shots from Suja are a yummy option. They’re certified organic, have probiotics for your gut, and come in invigorating flavors like Turmeric and Ginger, and Elderberry. Available in packs of one, 30 and 90.

Sun Home Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket

Infrared sauna blanket and woman inside an infrared sauna blanket.
Sun Home Saunas

We love an infrared sauna blanket, so you know we had to add one to our gift list. Their infrared rays penetrate the skin, raising your temp and triggering a number of positive health responses. Along with helping you sweat, they also can reduce inflammation and pain, making them great to use after a long, hard workout. This one from Sun Home Saunas is a favorite of ours. It has a timer and temperature control, as well EMF-shielding Technology. It’s also made with non-toxic fabric, which we love, because there’s no point in putting something problematic on your skin when you’re trying to sweat that stuff out! It has a 5 out of 5 star rating on the companies website, with reviewers calling it “life changing” and a “must have.”

Nike Men’s 6-Pack Everyday Cushioned Crew Training Socks

Nike Men's 6-Pack Everyday Cushioned Crew Training Socks

For anyone who loves to work out, this is just a fact: our sock drawer can become scarce at times. For just $15, gift the guy you know a pair of brand-new, bright-white Nike socks. They’ll thank you, for sure.

For more options, check out our guide to the best men’s socks.

noxgear Tracer2

Reflective vest on man.

Reflective gear is a must for late night outdoor workouts. Of course, that’s difficult if your fitness wardrobe is of the non-neon variety. Rather than ruin your sweat aesthetic, we suggest trying this LED vest. No car or person should be able to miss it!

Offering 360 degrees of illumination, the reflective chest belt can be adjusted to your liking. A small box at the front let’s you select the color(s) flashed on the back, and the wearable device is even sweat resistant! Almost 5,000 happy Amazon customers give it a 5 star rating.

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Purple acupressure mat unfolded with matching pillow.

No, it’s not as good as a trip to the masseuse or chiropractor. However, this acupressure mat has more than 30,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Here’s how it works: the tiny spikes on the front of the mat hit pressure points, promoting circulation and muscle relaxation. One of our editor’s has tried this and says it’s surprisingly invigorating.

Care/of Sleep Blend Supplement

Sleep supplement bottle on counter with single pill beside it.

In our fast paced society, skipping on sleep is seen as a flex. However, getting the proper amount of Zzzs is crucial for optimal health. If you or someone you know has a contentious relationship with Mr. Sandman, these may help. They contain melatonin, the adaptogen ashwagandha, and valerian extract. Each has some interesting research behind them, too, and it beats relying on warm milk or nightcap.

obé Fitness Subscription

obé Fitness Subscription
New York Post Composite

If you’re looking for a versatile fitness program that features live and on-demand classes, opt for obé Fitness. We reviewed the platform and love its upper body power, dance HIIT and yoga classes, among countless others. Plus, pricing starts for as little as $14 a month.

Equilibria DAILY Nutri-Greens

Pack of green powder next to spoon, powder and green drink in glass.

Prebiotic fiber from oat and pea combined with organic greens makes this supplement a must-try for your gut. Its filled with antioxidants from maca root, matcha and American ginseng root, plus is vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. Down a scoop mixed in water for your a.m. ritual or enjoy in a smoothie. You can even add to baked goods for an extra dose of goodness!

lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Man with lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag.

Yes, you’re probably wearing something with pockets when you workout. But who wants to feel their keys, wallet and phone jostling around while they do burpees? We prefer this beloved belt bag from lululemon, which is small enough to keep you light on your feet, but sturdy enough to hold things you can’t leave behind. It’s made of water-repellant fabric, so it can take jogs in the rain, plus it offers lots of pocket space.

BalanceFrom All Purpose Extra-Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom All Purpose Extra-Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

There’s nothing like receiving a new yoga mat. The BalanceFrom All Purpose Extra-Thick Exercise Yoga Mat is an Amazon best-seller, comes in a suite of colors and has that durable and super thick design that’ll help you transition from child’s pose to downward dog seamlessly.

For more options, check out our guide to the best yoga mats.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

The NordicTrack T Series Treadmill isn’t only an Amazon best-seller but more than 22,000 customers give it 5 stars. One of our commerce editor’s owns one and swears it’s perfect to complete your home gym. Namely, this model boasts a Smart OneTouch control, which auto-adjusts your speed and incline. It also comes with a 30-day iFit membership.

For more options, check out our guide to the best treadmills. You can’t go wrong with an on-trend under-desk treadmill, either.

lululemon Align High-Rise 28″ Pant

lululemon Align High-Rise 28" Pant

Let’s give some love to lululemon this holiday season (seriously though, everyone and their mother is obsessed with the brand, which is why it makes a great gift. For a splurge they may not make on their own, the best-selling Align High-Rise 28″ Pant comes in numerous colors and will excite any fitness lover.

KDG Hand Grip Strengthener (2 pack)

Hand grip strengtheners in the color black.

These hand grip strengtheners have rave reviews on Amazon, come in lots of different color options and are good for the gym or home. It has a counting function, adjustable resistance and basically all you need to improve flexibility and strength. Thousands of people love it!

Varley Roselle Half-Zip Fleece

Varley Roselle Half-Zip Fleece

For the outdoorsy lover, the Varley Roselle Half-Zip Fleece is a quality essential for any lover of hikes or runs in the morning chill. Not only does it look great, but it’s breathable and will keep you warm.

On Weather Tech Jacket

On Weather Tech Jacket

Run to a brand like On, especially to its Weather Tech Jacket that’s a sharp and sporty jacket for any guy on your holiday shopping list. Its design features an adjustable hood and visor, a ventilating storm flap toward its upper and a water-repellent tech fabric.

Tempo Studio

Tempo Studio

Never buy any fitness-related equipment again with Tempo Studio. If you prefer working out from the comfort of your own home with a state-of-the-art setup, this is 100% for you. Not to mention, its all-in-one gym comes with its large screen, speakers, a workout mat, two dumbbells, a heart rate monitor, a barbell, a recovery roller, 75 pounds of weight plates and six collars.

TRIBE Water-Resistant Cell Phone Running Armband

TRIBE Water-Resistant Cell Phone Running Armband

For just $15, treat the runner you know to something practical and convenient as ever: the TRIBE Water-Resistant Cell Phone Running Armband, No more holding their device when they run — it’s time to swing those arms naturally with each stride.

Niceday Elliptical Machine

Niceday Elliptical Machine

The Niceday Elliptical Machine is a top-rated piece of equipment that’ll help you feel good on cardio days. With 16 resistance levels and a quiet magnetic drive system, any fitness lover would adore this newly minted machine.

For more options, check out our guide to the best elliptical machines.

Hydro Flask 40 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle with Straw Lid

OK, real talk — once you start using a Hydro Flask (it doesn’t matter which type of bottle), you’ll be instantly hooked. On most days, we walk around with our phone in our left hand and the 40 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle in our right, and it truly helps you drink more water (that’s ice cold, thanks to its insulated design).

Athletic Propulsion Labs Women’s TechLoom Pro

Athletic Propulsion Labs Women's TechLoom Pro
Athletic Propulsion Labs

As one of our personal favorite running shoes, the Athletic Propulsion Labs Women’s TechLoom Pro is a nifty, clean-looking pair any fitness fanatic would love. Its pull-on, no-tie laces are a nice touch, too.

Etekcity Smart Scale

Etekcity Smart Scale

To maintain your fitness goals, the Etekcity Smart Scale is one of the best — and affordable — investments you can make. Namely, it pairs with your smartphone and helps provide insights to your body mass index (BMI), progress and more.

For more options, check out our guide to the best smart scales.

Allbirds Men’s Tree Dasher 2

Allbirds Men's Tree Dasher 2

For the guy who loves to run, consider the Allbirds Men’s Tree Dasher 2s. Not only are they sustainably made and ultra-breathable, but they come in an array of great colors for a fresh and fun run.

Amucolo Training Weight Bench

Amucolo Training Weight Bench
The Home Depot

On the market for a new weight bench? The Amucolo Training Weight Bench is just over $150 and boasts a steel frame, leather covering and adjustable seat. Apt for any home gym, it’s a purchase worth making.

Girlfriend Collective Topanga Halter Bra

Girlfriend Collective Topanga Halter Bra
Girlfriend Collective

We practically live in our workout sets from Girlfriend Collective — they’re cute, classic and comfortable, and you’ll want to buy them all (truly, grab one for your fitness bestie and one for yourself!)

For more options, check out our guide to the best women’s matching workout sets.

CFX Resistance Bands (3-Pack)

CFX Resistance Bands (3-Pack)

Looking for your next best stocking stuffer? The CFX Resistance Bands are a three-pack that’ll fit in just fine, and each one has a different resistance level. They’re the ones we grab for leg day IRL, too.

For more options, check out our guide to the best resistance bands.

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Compression T-Shirt

Under Armour Men's HeatGear Compression T-Shirt
Dick’s Sporting Goods

Our brothers love to work out, so when we’re in doubt of what to purchase them for the holidays, we opt for an Under Armour Compression T-Shirt. For just $30, how could you go wrong? They feel as good as they look, too.

P.volve The Essentials Kit (3-month subscription included)

We recently reviewed P.volve and can’t say enough good things about the brand. For one, its mobility-focused workouts make you feel good — most importantly — and its Essentials Kit is offered at a phenomenal value. With the bundle, you’ll also receive a free three-month subscription to on-demand workouts.

JFIT Dumbbell Set

JFIT Dumbbell Set

Need a new dumbbell set? This option is less than $50 right now on Amazon and has a neoprene, nonslip coating that’s comfortable to grip onto while working out. Plus, it comes on an organized rack.

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